DWI Program

1st Time Offender DWI/DUI Programs


ADAAP’s 1st time offender DWI Program educates DWI offenders on the debilitating effects alcohol & drugs have on their driving skills, and the tragic consequences that all too often occur, afterwards.  Attendees identify their own drinking/drug habits, and how it affects their driving patterns.

A state certified instructor leads each class through a series of Multimedia presentations, Group tutorials & frank Discussions  that provide offenders a groundwork to develop plans to reduce the probability of future DWI episodes.

The DWI Program fulfills requirements mandated for 1st time DWI/DUI offenders by the Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse.  Several Classes are held each Month, at various times.

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The Cost is $70.  Classes are limited to 25 attendees, & are filled  1st come, 1st serve basis.

ADAAP also offers a more intensive, 32 hour DWI Intervention Program.