Warm Thoughts, on a Wintry Day

BRRRR! Said the Rabbit

It’s been quite cold, of late, deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. I shouldn’t be surprised, after all. IT IS January!

Besides donning layers of my scarcely-worn winter wardrobe, all this frigidity has cultivated in me, an even more grateful soul. I am grateful that I work indoors, that I have a warm house to protect me, that I have a car that runs well (even in cold weather), & that I have a garage that I can keep that car in!!!. I am grateful that I own layers of warm clothes, & wool socks, to match! Not to mention the blessing of not having to chop wood, to keep the home fires going! (Been there, done that!)

And on top of all of that, I am grateful central Texas is not beset with snow & ice, along with these sub-zero temperatures. I am adding blessings to those who get to work outdoors, & those dealing with broken/frozen pipes.

What are you grateful for on this cold day? How about hot chocolate on a cold day? Curling up with a book in front of a fire?

Look for things to be grateful for, & you will surely find them…
And the Universe may bestow more blessings, since you’ve focused upon them.
Thank you God!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
ADAAP Clergy Counselor