What is Your Problem?

Exactly WHAT Irritates You?

Let’s talk about something that bothers you. If something triggers you, it is a pretty good sign that you have something huge & profoundly liberating to learn.

When we are talking about things that irritate us, we are focusing on those things… &, of course, the Universe thinks we like them, & so gives us more of those irritating things. One lesson then is to stop talking about them.

Even when we don’t talk about it or them (the things that bother), when we become aware of them, it still indicates we have something to learn. It is interesting to me how those little irritations uncover the lessons we need to learn. Once I recognize that there is a lesson, it seems a bit easier to deal with the irritating behavior. When I notice the same irritation again, it is a signal to me to dig a little deeper into my own thought processes. I may get to go through that process several times before the situation/person no longer irritates me. Eventually, with practice, I can shift my awareness & thus my belief.

Isn’t it interesting that if someone has an irritating behavior, that I tend to look for that behavior & then become irritated? What was I looking for? (the irritating behavior) What did I see? (the irritating behavior) When I can change my frame of reference – the irritating behavior disappears. (Either the person stops doing it – or I no longer see it.)

Are you irritated today? Look within & see what huge & profoundly liberating lesson is there for you to learn.

Life is often difficult, but there are many reasons to rejoice, & be thankful for, as well…
Thank you God!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
ADAAP Clergy Counselor