Substance Abuse Treatment Outpatient Service Facility
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Programs Offered

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program offers a variety of programs. We offer several Intensive Outpatient Program options as well as Supportive Outpatient Programs tailored to meet your individual Needs. We offer several state mandated courses to help fulfill legal obligations. At Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program there is a program for you!

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Make An Appointment

Making and appointment is easier than ever with Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program. We have flexible visiting times for your busy schedule. Give ADAAP a call or easily make an appointment online today!

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About Us?

We are client-centered, believing that affected persons & families have the capacity & ability to change & that our job is to assist them in developing a personalized program of recovery. We therefore do not find it necessary to implement negative controls or punishments, tearing down or stripping away layers of the client's personality in order to re-build or re-create them.

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