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Substance Abuse Rehab in Austin

Getting Started

I think I may have a substance abuse issue…
What do I do now?

Accepting chemical dependency is a vital but difficult step in the recovery process. Listening to your inner feelings about how you feel is the first step. Are you happy about the choices you have made? Are you where you want to be in life? Why can’t I stop using, despite all the problems it has caused?  If you are asking yourselves any of the questions you may want to be assessed by a professional to determine if there may be an issue and if you need Substance Abuse Rehab.

7  Steps to Success with Substance Abuse Rehab in Austin

  1. Please call Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program @ 512-454-8180 to schedule a clinical evaluation with our certified counselor to determine if there is an issue.
  2. Begin going to 12-Step based meetings at least 3 times per week.
  3. Start your addiction treatment program (IOP, SOP)
  4. Obtain a 12-Step based sponsor
  5. Complete Intensive Outpatient Program
  6. Enroll into a Aftercare Program
  7. Continue contact with 12-Step sponsor and going to 12-step-based meetings.

Remember, Recovery is a continuous process. It only stops when YOU STOP.

To learn more about our Substance Abuse Rehab in Austin  schedule a No-Obligation, Evaluation Session with an ADAAP Counselor,
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