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“Coming into this program I was probably like everyone else, wondering “Why me?, This isn’t for me, or I don’t need THIS” … but I have definitely got something out of this program! I feel good coming to it & talking & relating with others. Joyce & the rest of the staff are BEYOND AMAZING!!! They do not look at us as just another number. They ask questions, they know your name, they notice if you have missed, & they help in many ways. Even if it is just a smile or a hug! I know that a simple gesture like that coming into this class on a bad day has completely turned my day around! I have needed the reassurance that “I’m enough” & I feel this class & the people in it truly helped me realize that! Thank you!!

Cory Leslie Nutt
November, 2019

“I was scared when I first started (ADAAP IOP Program). I had always thought that I could handle anything, & certainly could handle THIS! I learned that I wasn’t really different. It came to me that these people in IOP were telling MY story. This eventually opened my eyes & sent me back to AA. I had been so focused on my case & its legalities, I couldn’t think about anything else. One day a fellow student said he had two tracks to his life: one was his court case & then the other track was his IOP. He had no power over the courts but he did have power over himself. I learned that just because an event happens, it doesn’t have to have a bad result. What’s important is how I react to the event. I am currently very active in my home group. One of the greatest things that happened to me during the program was that I gained the courage to end my codependent relationship.”

Tamra F.
ADAAP Intensive Out Patient Graduate

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