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“I was scared when I first started (ADAAP IOP Program). I had always thought that I could handle anything, & certainly could handle THIS! I learned that I wasn’t really different. It came to me that these people in IOP were telling MY story. This eventually opened my eyes & sent me back to AA. I had been so focused on my case & its legalities, I couldn’t think about anything else. One day a fellow student said he had two tracks to his life: one was his court case & then the other track was his IOP. He had no power over the courts but he did have power over himself. I learned that just because an event happens, it doesn’t have to have a bad result. What’s important is how I react to the event. I am currently very active in my home group. One of the greatest things that happened to me during the program was that I gained the courage to end my codependent relationship.”

Tamra F.
ADAAP Intensive Out Patient Graduate

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