Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program (ADAAP) is dedicated to drug and alcohol rehabilitation solutions that work. While there is no “magic solution” to the addiction of drug and alcoholism, we have developed a community-based rehabilitation services that work for the individual patient. We are committed to finding the right combination of rehabilitation service to change the behaviours or a pattern of repeated alcohol and drug abuse. Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program sole purpose is to fill this need in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program believes that successful recovery and rehabilitation occur when help is enlisted from accredited professionals in the drug and alcohol field across Austin, Texas. It is our hope and goal that each and every afflicted patient will feel supported by the wide-range of alcohol and drug support meetings offered locally in our area. We hope that through this support our patients will find their way on a new positive journey of rehabilitation and recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation does not always work but when it does, patients are able to emerge into a new life they did not think was possible for them. It takes a community of people with different points of view, to show recovery from addiction from the darkness to the light and a new way of living. This is the secret to Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program’s philosophy.

If you or a loved one is abusing drugs and/or alcohol, please give us a call today to start your new way of living. There is hope in the fight against alcoholism and drug addiction. Take this opportunity to turn your life around and free yourself from the burdens of chemical dependency. Your freedom from addiction is worth it. You are worth it! Why risk an accidental overdose or worse death. We are here with open arms with professionals in alcohol and drug treatment to help!

Your loved ones don’t want you to wait. Do this for you! Even if it seems they’ve given up on you, only you can make the decision to change and turn your life around before it’s too late!

Please call Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program at 512/454-8081 today or go to to make an appointment and see what our Program has to offer you for your recovery.