I AM a Blessing to Telemarketers!

… And thou shalt be a blessing…
– Genesis 12:2

When we constructively praise & creatively bless,
life abounds with love, peace & joy.
The Science of Mind, pages 434-5

In the 12 Step Program, we like to think that we can either be a blessing or a curse to others. The choice is up to us.

I have learned this lesson dramatically over the past few months through, of all things, my telephone. For months, the phone had been ringing at least a half dozen times a day with the following interaction. “Hello.” Silence. “Hello,” said a little louder. Still silence. “Hello,” said quite loudly. Still silence. “Blessings to you, whoever you may be.” It generally happens around dinner time. It had been puzzling me through the months, but I continued to say “Blessings whoever you may be,” before gently hanging up. A couple of months ago, I received an explanation to this conundrum. I checked my telephone messages and heard a male voice say, “You don’t know me, but I’m a telemarketer. I want you to know how much your outgoing phone message means to all of us here. When we get stressed out, we just call your number and listen to your uplifting telephone message. It puts us back on track, and I just wanted to call you and thank you. By the way, if you ever receive calls where no one speaks, it’s because we just called for your message and really didn’t want to talk to you personally. Thanks again.”

My outgoing message sounds something like this. “Hello you beautiful, magnificent, unique, loving creation of Spirit. Never forget how awesome you are, how amazing you are, how original, creative, and loving you are. Now go forth and spread the Love of God today. Thank you for calling.”

Today I realize that I am a blessing to the world. I see the beauty in everyone I think about, in everyone I meet, and in everyone with whom I talk on the telephone.

I am a blessing to the world!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
ADAAP Outreach Minister