Finding Forgiveness

Then said Jesus, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” — Luke 23:34

In Forgiving, We Are Forgiven

Without forgiveness, we can never be totally free. Yet, some of the people I counsel tell me, “Rainbow, there are some things that happened to me that I never, ever will be able to forgive.”

Larry was just such a person. He grew up with an abusive father who drank & was addicted to prescription drugs. He made life horrible for all his children, & Larry hated his father with a passion. As a result, Larry left home very early.

Later on in life, he began to study spiritual teachings. He realized that the only person he was harming with his hatred was himself. He was actually poisoning himself. He kept affirming that God was showing him a way to forgive.

One Christmas, Larry decided to go home. The first thing he saw when he entered the house was his father sitting in a chair by the window, sobbing. Between sobs, he told Larry he was recalling the past when he had to leave the family & go off to World War II. Little Larry, 2 years old, was allowed to go to the train. He started crying & hung on to his father for dear life. When his father finally got on board, he found a seat, looked out the window at his family & cried bitter tears. At that moment, Larry realized that at one time his father had really loved him.

This insight enabled him to forgive, & he finally had peace in his heart. Everything changed for Larry after that.

Today I change my diet to one of life. I stop drinking cups of poisonous resentment & begin imbibing large swallows of forgiveness. I fully & freely forgive everyone & every thing that has ever harmed me in any way, shape, or form. I am free. Thank YOU God!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
ADAAP Clergy Counselor