Patience, Grasshoppers…

This Too, Shall Pass

Yesterday, without warning, the city began “fixing” the street in front of the place where I work. It definitely needs to be fixed. The city blocked off the east bound lane entirely & are digging up the old concrete. I assume that once the east bound side is complete, they will work on the west bound side. It is definitely a mess, & you can imagine the semi’s delivering & picking up freight have a hard time with only one lane open. The good news is that when it is finished, the street will be great to drive on.

It occurs to me that so many times in life we get to “wait out” the yucky stuff for our good to manifest. Even dessert comes after the meal. After having a cold for a few days (or a sinus infection, or a broken bone, or a bruise…) we do eventually feel better. After a few anxious days at a new job, we begin to understand our tasks, & the job gets easier. After a few hours or days of a storm, the weather passes. After a time without a job, we find one.

I believe we have some tasks that are ours to do. One of these is to realize that “This, too, shall pass,” & that if we continue to focus on the outcome we desire, as if we already have it, it will come to be more quickly. If we spend our time grumping about how bad the situation is, it will seem like Life gives us more to grump about.

My tasks are:
To realize that this, too, shall pass,
To hold in mind the desired result – as if it were mine already
To catch myself when I’m complaining & stop & then go back to holding the result in mind.

With these ideas in mind, it is much easier to go through the yucky stuff that occurs in life.

Thank you God!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
ADAAP Clergy Counselor