What’s Your Story?

Seize the Narrative (Live or Die)!

I was reading Catherine Ponder this morning & came across a story of a woman given 3 months to live. Her husband told her she could accept the diagnosis & die or reject it & live. But if she wanted to live, she had to do two things: First, stop talking about her operations, hospital experience & illness. Forget it. It’s over. Second, think about life, affirm life & expect to live. He suggested that she affirm “Let Divine Health manifest for me & in me now.”

This reminded me that we all need to tell a new story when we want something different. We need to let go of the old story, & embrace the new one.

I know that I have often held on to the old story WAY PAST its Use By date!!! I have often said, I don’t have the answer. I don’t know. But the truth is that something inside me does know. God knows. So instead of moaning about how I don’t know, I try to remember to affirm that God knows & is showing me the path. All I need to know is the next step. And if that step isn’t clear to me, then the next step must be prayer.

We can choose to let go of the old story of poor health, or poverty, or indecision, or failure.

I’m choosing to write a New Story.
How About You?
Live or Die!
What’s Your Story?

Never Forget You are An Amazing, Powerful, Brilliant, Awesome, Unique Divine Creation!
Go Forth & Spread the Love.
Thank You God!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
ADAAP Clergy Counselor